#OOTD: Living in My Levi’s

Chelsea Lately

Oh, hello! I hope you’re enjoying the sun too, wherever you are! It’s been +16 here in Calgary for the last few days and I am LIVING!!!! I was even outdoors for a total of 4 hours yesterday (or was it the other day?!). I found an old school made in the 1920’s, and right behind it was this big hill… and if you know me, i’m basically the most curious human ever, so I climbed it even though I was the only person in the field. What I found was an off-leash dog park with a splendid view of the city, and I was staring down right into Deerfoot traffic! The little daredevil in me felt so validated!! haha. Since i’ve started doing neighborhood walks in July, my motto has been “the sketchier, the better” and believe me, I have become the real life equivalent of Emily the Strange, except I go out in the day time (high five if you’re an Emily fan!).


An Early B-Day Gift

I wanted to share with you this Levi’s jacket that I got for myself as an early birthday gift. It’s the Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket, and I wear a size Medium.

I’d say that this jacket is good for positive weather, between +1 to +15. You can probably wear it for 0 or -1, if you wore a thicker sweater underneath it!

The quality is amazing (I wouldn’t share something I wasn’t impressed with!) and even though i’ve only had it for a few days, it has that “lived in” feeling already. There’s something so comfortable about how it fits on my body. I’m so excited to finally have a denim jacket in my closet!


Colours/patterns that look good with this jacket: white, red & white stripes, plaid. Keep it simple and basic. Or don’t, that’s just my preference.


As you can see here, I really like the denim/white/plaid combination.

Outfit details:

Necklace, Dogeared | Blue ring, Rachel Zoe | Plaid skirt, Forever 21 | Chelsea boots in Taupe, Steve Madden | Dori Backpack in Navy, Tumi | Trucker Jacket, Levi’s | Cellphone, OnePlus 5T



Apart from my outfit, here are a few snaps that I took today while roaming the neighborhood. Such a classic view of the city! I never take good weather for granted.


It’s become a little self-care practice of mine to go out once in a while and “celebrate” by treating myself to some sweets. Since today was so beautiful, I decided to go for a stroll and head for dessert in Chinatown afterwards.

Favorite desserts + shops:








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