Though She Be Little, But She is Fierce.

Me? Tough? You can take a look at all of this 5’1 goodness and probably think you can knock me down in 2 seconds, but that’s not the tough i’m talking about.

I’m talking about surviving and turning every single failure into a success: being mentally tough.

In the last 28 years, i’ve taught myself to:

  • Not take rejection/criticism personally
  • Look forward to struggle and change
  • Stand up for myself & speak out for injustice
  • Laugh when i’m feeling deeply ashamed
  • Roll my eyes & be extra kind to people who bring me down
  • Tell myself that actually, I am just as good as the other person
  • Not consider other people’s success as my failure
  • Not let any single relationship define my happiness
  • Learn to give love even to strangers
  • Learn to forgive & let go of the past

My journey to resilience actually started with a near-death experience when I was 11 years old. When you’re too afraid to open your eyes because there’s a chance your whole family could be dead, and then you find out that everyone survived… it changes you. It makes you believe in grace.

My faith has helped me overcome a lot of challenges throughout the years. I’ve dealt with anxiety and low self-esteem for the greater part of my life but i’ve never let that get between me and my goals. The #1 thing that changed my life was understanding that I have control over my thoughts & my outside environment. The second you internalize this truth, you’ll start to take full accountability for your life.

You’ll stop blaming the world & others for your failures. You’ll always know what went wrong, how, and for what reason because you will be choosing exactly who you want in your life, what you want to do, and where you want to be.

You are always in control, and in times where you don’t feel in control, I can write you another article for that too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Much love,



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