My Skincare Routine

I just realized that majority of the products i’m using are Philosophy! That’s because I bought the Most Wonderful Things gift set last December and ended up loving everything 😍 Another one of my tried & tested favorites is Origins. 

Everything I will mention has been a miracle worker for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I’ve repurchased most of them & they’re officially a part of my holy grail in skincare.

Skin type:

Sensitive / Combination / Oily / Dehydrated

Prone to:

  • Hyper-pigmentation or dark spots
  • Breakouts (forehead, brow line, chin area)
  • Super oily T-zone
  • Whiteheads

Step 1: Removing Makeup

I wear waterproof eyeliner & mascara daily.

  • Some nights, i’ll use the Origins cleansing oil to remove everything. This is my 3rd bottle, and it takes a really long time to finish!

Origins cleansing oil, Sephora makeup remover, Bioderma micellar water

Step 2: Cleansing

I double cleanse using at least one gentle cleanser, followed by an exfoliating cleanser.


Origins modern friction, Philosophy purity cleanser, Philosophy exfoliating wash

Step 3: Toning

It’s usually after I cleanse that I decide to apply a face mask. If not, I go straight to toning.

I poured my Origins united state balancing tonic into a spritzer, which makes it so much easier to use. Also… I make it a point to apply the toner within 30 seconds after washing my face 😜


Origins United State toner

Step 4: Moisturizing


Philosophy renewed hope in a jar (day & night)

Step 5: More moisturizing

Lastly, I use the Clinique anti-fatigue eye gel for my eyebags and the Sugar advanced lip treatment on my lips. I’m using the eye gel for men here because I stole Jesse’s. 😝

In case of breakouts, I apply the Murad acne spot treatment on those areas, and call it a night!


Sugar lip treatment, Clinique eye gel, Murad Acne treatment


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