January Faves

Connecting more

These past few weeks have really been dedicated to connecting more with people. Resolution #1 for this year is to focus on relationships. This means making time for people, and hanging out with them outside of the typical occasions (ie. birthdays & other holidays). So far i’ve been on a road trip with Jesse and his friends Jim & Nikki. This past Friday we also went out for ramen with Mario & Malaika. This might not be a big deal for other people, but it is for me! Believe me, majority of the time I wouldn’t bother going through the trouble of feeling awkward or uncomfortable around new people, but i’m really trying here ๐Ÿ™‚

Eating healthier

On the first Sunday of the year, Jesse & I emptied our fridge & cupboards. We moved all the “fatty”, sweet/processed food to the highest cupboard where we couldn’t easily see or access it. We then moved all the vegetables to the middle level of the fridge so whole foods would be the first thing we saw when we opened the fridge. I can say that i’ve eaten the most greens these past two weeks than I have in the past 3 years. I know, right? My body has been really unhappy with all the junk i’ve been feeding it, and this time i’m committed to having a relationship with the kitchen & the kind of food i’m eating.

Goodbye coffee

This one was only challenging during the first week, when I was going through caffeine withdrawals. I felt the migraines, crankiness… but I wasn’t fully caffeine-free because I replaced coffee with tea! haha. I at least think drinking tea has more benefits than black coffee. So far, my energy levels have been awesome. I’m actually surprised to find how i’m doing well with tea instead of coffee!


Zara haul, my mini Happy Planner, David’s tea, & Costco mixed nuts (it has saved my life on multiple occasions)

I recently visited Zara during their year end/new year sale, and lemme tell you, it was a zoo in there! I got these 5 items for $98.00. It’s such a steal because the leather sneakers alone were already $70 to begin with!

I loved the regular-sized Happy Planner last year, so I was excited to learn that they came up with a mini version this year. I much prefer the mini because it’s lighter, and I actually prefer having a smaller writing space because it forces me to really prioritize.

This Rilakkuma case from Ebay

Unsalted mixed nuts from Costco

Coffee cake flavored tea from David’s Tea


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