How to Be Happy

Make time to DO what Y O U love

I’m not talking about things that we normally do to pass the time. I’m not talking about watching YouTube or Netflix, shopping, or looking at people’s social media. Those things.. we do them out of boredom and compulsion. Worse is, we work really hard to curate a beautiful Instagram feed or an interesting snapchat story for our audience.


At work, school, and at home.. we’re constantly asked to do certain things out of necessity.

No one goes to say

“I’m so stoked to do the dishes right now!”


“Wow, who knew doing laundry could be so fulfilling?!”

Doing things that we love requires much more effort than simply turning on a computer screen and watching other people do stuff. Reading a good book, creating art, enjoying quality food, slowing down and catching up with our loved ones takes time.

These are the moments when we truly experience love, and this my friend, is what you should have more in your life. 

Do what you love regularly– it’s whatever gives your life meaning. Only YOU will know what truly makes you happy 💚

Photo courtesy of @clarenicolson and @herlovelyheart

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