February: Save & Budget!

Saving & budgeting

I kinda went crazy shopping between November – January. Like, I went all out shopping online around Christmas and new year season. How could I resist the crazy sales? I think I might have gone crazy too.

Goal #1: Save $5,300.00 for my Paris trip

  • Feb 15: $3,844 (73% done)

Goal #2: Stay on top of credit card statements

  • I made a spread sheet for last year and titled it 2016 expenditure. It’s basically a consolidated account of my statements for the year. I’m planning on doing the same for this year! It’s a really quick way for me to see how much i’ve been spending. My favourite feature is the percent paid section because I can plainly see how much debt I managed to pay for the month.


Goal #3: Seriously stay away from shopping online AND offline.

  • Whenever I feel the urge to shop, i’ll remind myself of how much debt I have to pay off from last year’s shopping sprees (LOL).
  • I’m making the effort to appreciate what I already have. I want to take better care of my things so I don’t have to replace them.
  • I’m gonna keep reminding myself that comparison is the thief of joy.
  • Financial safety should rank higher than vanity (!!!), and I have to make saving my #1 priority. Gotta start thinking about retirement as young as 27, ya know.😋

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