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Hey hey, welcome to my blog!✨ I’m so excited to have you here. Let me tell you a bit about myself. Let’s get right into it! Here goes nothing:

All my life, i’ve felt “lost”. I’ve felt over-conscious about what other people thought of me. I’ve denied myself from my full creative potential because I grew up believing in the negative notion of ‘the starving artist’.

I ended up studying Nursing for 3 years in University and loved the relational aspect of it, but it made me feel drained in all other regards. I had fought really hard to get in & stay in the program, so it was very difficult for me to “quit”. I was one year from graduating when I decided to be honest with myself and finally left the program.

Two years later, I transferred into Bachelor of Arts in Communications and immediately knew it was the right choice. I worked full-time and received good grades which boosted my self-confidence. My classes influenced me to become more business-minded and to care about social issues. It impacted my world view and redirected my priorities.

Leaving Nursing and doing a 360 degree career change at the age of 25 was a huge financial gamble for me since I had taken out student loans, but I have absolutely no regrets in doing so. I started writing for a local newspaper at the end of 2017 and interned as a website & social media manager for a small non-profit at the same time.

Since then, i’ve had the opportunity to interview CEOs, celebrities, and work as a senior writer for a startup magazine. I try to seek opportunity wherever I can. What I’ve learned from my short time in this business is that it’s important to listen and put your audience first. It’s also taught me to use my voice responsibly and connect with people in a meaningful way. I hope that through this blog, I can do that with you.

For questions & inquiries, you can reach me at chelseajtan@hotmail.com!

Thank you for being here!




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